Do you know what love is?


Do you know what love is?

Love is unpredictable

Love is capricious

Love is foolish

Love is unsolicited affection

Love burns fiercely

Love is painful and scary

Love challenges

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I wish people would understand…


I find that people often don’t understand how anxiety and depression as these really are hidden diseases. Although, depression is starting to get some attention and understanding thanks to media profiles, anxiety still has to yet get a look in. Anxiety still has the stigma of “pull yourself together and get over it”; easier said than done.

Here is a poem of my experience of both anxiety and depression. I know it’s there but never quite when or what will trigger it. When it’s very bad and very uncontrollable I am basically living in fear 24/7.

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I Persist

This is a bit different poetry than one would expect to see in a published format, primarily because it is a soundscape. Soundscapes are pieces which are considered in terms of their component sounds and are usually associated with musical compositions.

The spoken word can also be conducive to a soundscape as the individual phonemes which make up words can be said in many different ways; vowels can be morphed, consonants stretched, syllables adapted to create a specific mood.

To help your reading and enjoyment I have included the poem in both grammatical English and soundscape forms. The best effect when reading the soundscape is by reading it out loud; words are spelt phonetically (how they should be said), bolded syllables represent emphasis, multiple letters indicate continuation of the sound, punctuation guides the speed of reading.

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Across the frozen wasteland of speckled space,

Which reaches into the infinity of tomorrow from the land of the now;

I fly alone,

Passing others’ lives.


Soaring through the icy mists of detritus from imploded failure,

As they collapse into harmonious structures beneath a guiding stars light;

I watch life appear,

Nurtured under harshness.

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Some inspirational poetry!

I hang out on a few forums, mostly ghosting around, reading the posts, gaining some knowledge and insight into people. But there is one forum which I have started to actively frequent a bit more and hang out in the chatroom there; AspiesCentral ( The people are so welcoming and talented.

This is a poem one person wrote about his experiences. Unfortunately I couldn’t reblog direct from the original post over here, but here is the link to his new blog; . I hope he keeps on writing and putting stuff out there, I believe there is talent shining through here.

I’m Just Being Me!

The stars in the night sky are like people,
And I’m trying to do my best to reach out to them.
My arm is just not long enough,
So I cry.

You’re a disgrace,
A disgrace to humanity.
A disgrace to mankind,
All I wanted was for you to be kind.

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