Do you know what love is?


Do you know what love is?

Love is unpredictable

Love is capricious

Love is foolish

Love is unsolicited affection

Love burns fiercely

Love is painful and scary

Love challenges

Love can be loud or quiet

Love persists

Love never gives up

Love never stops caring

Love exists when all hope is lost

Love doesn’t anger easily

Love is patient

Love is fragile

Love isn’t logical

Love is strong

Love is a warrior

Love sees into another

Love is an action

Love doesn’t hold grudges

Love is forgiving

Love heals

Love can’t be lost or extinguished

Love is holistic

Love doesn’t judge

Love is clueless

Love is a gift freely given

Love can’t be hurt

Love stays regardless

Love is precious

Love rescues

Love is curious

Above all, love is home

So did you know what love is?


(Dedicated to a Raven, who doesn’t quite understand and will always need help to believe.)


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