Starlight, starbright

Last star I shall see tonight

Beneath the heavens netted gaze

Of crumbling velvet candle-light

I wish I may, I wish I might

Witness not the demise

Of this fiery ball so bright

Which hangs within the darkling night

Burning purposefully

Resolute with shining might

As all around the stars ignite

To scorch the empty plains of space

Before dying out without any grace

Never, ever to be replaced

Leaving a breach wherein lies

A hidden spark, a firefly

Of tiny fire burning bright

So fragile encased within the night

So full of hope

And loving



One thought on “Starlight

  1. Her once vibrant hazel irises

    Were now soulless eye sockets,

    Baggy eyes say “sleep deprived” ,

    Lips try to hide the screams inside.

    But shaky hands don’t abide

    The hasty “alright” and lip bite,

    That escape into the night.

    Shimmer shimmer my pretty sinner,

    Glow with the bitterness of winter.

    Cake my cold till fingers fall then fold,

    I await a grim tale never to be told.

    Kept warm by forgotten undertones,

    And the ripples of the stones

    We’d throw…


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