Black Dog

It shifts within the shadows,

Lithe as a panther,

With velveteen fur blending perfectly,

Into the darkness of the mind.


And you never know it’s there.


Maybe you get a hint.

A sense that something is watching.

Something is creeping.

Something is hiding just beyond the corner of your eye.


But every time you look,

A glance over your shoulder,

Certain of glimpsing a shadow shifting,

Just beyond consciousness…


Nothing is there.


Unbeknown to you this creature hoards away,

All the instances of life,

Which caused you pain.

Those times that hurt more than a gunshot.


And it waits.

In the darkness.

Jealously holding this ammunition,

For the opportune moment to strike.


The moment you find you are happy.


The instant you find you are happy.

The instant you realise you feel safe.

The instant you discover you have something awesome,

Something you never, ever want to lose.


The black dog strikes.


And you lose that which you’ve found is most precious.


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