My Team of One

Together we embark on this boat.
To travel across the seas to who knows where,
With no particular direction in mind
Just the journey over the waves.

With the wind in my face,
I command the helm, steering our cobbled craft.
I listen to the wind snap against the sails,
Watch the flying fish flash through the wake.

Eventually I tire of navigating.
I look around but my co-captain has vanished,
Lost to the winds and currents,
The only trace a faint echo of his voice over the horizon.

Confused I search our craft,
Scouring each nook and cranny,
For signs I am not alone,
As I drift within the vast unknown.

But no sign am I granted,
Except a distant call, so far away.
Straining my ears I faintly hear,
“I am here. I care. Trust me. Believe me”.

But a disembodied voice is ephemeral.
Slowly, I cease to hear the words.
Amongst a sense of abandonment,
I panic.

My teammate is gone,
And lost beneath the pacific summer stars,
I grieve the loss,
Of home.


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