Supermoon, a beach, and a Campfire


Photo courtesy of my friend in insta;

Not too long ago, Sydney experienced a Supermoon. This is where the moon is at its closest point to earth (perigree) and subsequently looks about 12 – 14% larger than when the moon is at its’ furthest distance from earth (apogee), also colloquially known as a Micromoon. Combine this Supermoon with an alignment with the Sun and Earth, and we also get an extremely bright orb in the evening sky due to sunlight reflecting directly off the moon surface.

Why is this important, I hear you ask?

Frankly, it’s not really. Unless, of course you are of the hippie spiritualism persuasion, in which case, this particular Supermoon was charged with emotional energy. Something to do with it lining up with the Pisces zodiac stars and water, and therefore making people more emotional than usual. Personally, I don’t buy all that tosh. But having a naturally well-lit night was the perfect excuse to get outside after dark.

Lucky for me, a few local fire twirlers, circus trick enthusiasts, and musicians thought this was a good enough reason too. Double lucky for me that the meet was down at my local beach. It was the perfect opportunity to pull the glowing poi out of the drawer and haul the 12-string guitar along for possible jamming with other eccentric and musical strangers.

The bright light of moon illuminated my way along the beach more than sufficiently. Eventually, I came across a group of very friendly locals who had set up a small campfire in the sand, and everyone settled down to sharing tea, stories of friends, and tales of adventurous trips up and down the coast. A few instruments were pulled out; an African drum, a standard 6-string guitar, some musical voices, and a hodgepodge jam session got going, liberally dispersed with idle chatter.

Finally, the firewater was poured and people got down to business lighting the night with fire fans, fire poi, and fire hoops. Those without burnable goodies pulled out bright led lighted circus implements. A camera was set up to capture the lightshow which flashed alone against the clouded sky then in unison with the glow from the enlarged moon as it peeked spontaneously through the mists.

I was not in the mood to join the fiery dances being played out upon the sands, so I contented myself providing musical accompaniment on the guitar. Eventually, more locals drifted down to the campfire to watch the lights and sway to plucked octave strings. Chatter abounded about the campfire and further logs were thrown onto the embers, reviving the warm flames.

As the wind picked up, blowing sand into faces and sweeping the crackling flames back beneath the smouldering logs, it was time to leave. I followed the pale yellow moonglow back along the path to the regular warmth of my car.


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