Some inspirational poetry!

I hang out on a few forums, mostly ghosting around, reading the posts, gaining some knowledge and insight into people. But there is one forum which I have started to actively frequent a bit more and hang out in the chatroom there; AspiesCentral ( The people are so welcoming and talented.

This is a poem one person wrote about his experiences. Unfortunately I couldn’t reblog direct from the original post over here, but here is the link to his new blog; . I hope he keeps on writing and putting stuff out there, I believe there is talent shining through here.

I’m Just Being Me!

The stars in the night sky are like people,
And I’m trying to do my best to reach out to them.
My arm is just not long enough,
So I cry.

You’re a disgrace,
A disgrace to humanity.
A disgrace to mankind,
All I wanted was for you to be kind.

The CPU is my brain,
The motherboard is my body,
The RAM is my feelings,
And the fans help me breathe,
Without the parts,
I’m nothing.

Poetry helps me relieve the pain,
The pain helps me retrieve the sane.
When the only thing I want to do,
Is to stay with you when thoughts brew.

Here my voice,
Hear my cry.
I’m not a joke,
I’m just staying by.

Why do you have to be,
So rude to me.
When things get rough,
And you shut me.

Isolation just causes stress,
Isolation is being depressed.
If you understood why I wasn’t there,
Be in my “shoes” instead of standing there.

We are human because we care,
We are lost but not forgotten.
We like order and understanding,
Not confusion and misinterpretation.

I’ve always been quirky,
I’ve always been shy.
A label doesn’t change me,
It helps me reach the sky.

Hear my cry,
Hear my fall,
It’s not the tantrums calling
It’s my autism, that’s all.


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